Think it — Shoot it — Share it
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ციფრული პორტრეტი

Participants age from 14 to 28. Using digital cameras, participants create a two minute portrait of themselves or another person. Participants have to submit a photo of the person whom they are doing portrait of and brief description of this person and why they chose them. They can use there own camera which must be approved by the PAH tacks. Or camera that Festival will provide.

მონაწილეთა ასაკი 14-28 წლამდე. ციფრულიკამერის გამოყენებითგდაიღე 2 წუთიანიპორტრეტი შენი ან სხვა ადამიანისა. მონაწილეებმაგანაცხადს უნდა დაურთონ ფოტოსურათიიმ პერსონაჟისა, ვის პორტრეტზეც მუშაობენ, მოკლე დახასიათებით და თუ რატომ აირჩიესის. მონაწილეებსშეუძლიათ გამოყენონროგორც თავიანთიკამერა (თუკი ის დააკმაყოფილებსფესტივალის ტექნიკურიჯგუფის მოთხოვნებს), ასევე ფესტივალისბანაკში არსებულიკამერა. მონაწილეთარაოდენობა 50.
Cellphone Art
მობილური ტელეფონისხელოვნება

Participants age from 9 to 28 . Your personal interpretation of surprise theme, which will be revealed on the opening day of the PAH_Fest 2103 Georgia- festival. A one minute or less video created on a video-enabled cell phone (No posing or catting, must be a one continues shot).

მონაწილეთა ასაკი 9-დან 28 წლამდე. მობილური ტელეფონის კამერის გამოყენებით გადმოეცი შენებეური ხედვა მოულოდნელ თემაზე (რომელიც გამოცხადდება PAH-Fest საქართველო 2013-ის გახნის დღეს). ნამუშევრის ხანგრძლივობა არ უნდა აღემატებოდეს 60 წამს და უნდა იყოს ერთი უწყვეტი კადრი (მონტაჟისა და შეჩერებული კადრის გარეშე).მონაწილეთა რაოდენობაშეუზღუდავია.
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It used to be that filmmakers kept a 35mm still camera hanging from their neck to take a sudden snapshot of life and keep their cinematic eye honed. In today's WiFi world with smartphones, we tend to communicate more visually. The more cinematically articulate we are, the better we tell our meaningful stories around the world via the internet. This class will focus on the use of the long take where the story is told with only one continuous shot – no editing, no pausing, all in camera. Given a surprise theme/topic, you'll consider how that topic is meaningful, how it's personal to you, and how you can tell it cinematically. Then you'll go out and shoot a 60-second film. Once back from filming, we will talk about your films – the clarity of your interpretation of the theme, the missed opportunities, and the "what ifs." I call this, "Think It, Shoot It, Share It." The more you practice it, the better your visual storytelling will be. Join me.

About festival
PAH-FEST is a week-long, digital media festival, traveling to cities throughout the US and internationally. The PAH FEST encourages visual storytelling, fosters civic engagement, and promotes the production of fictional and documentary videos, which will be shared and enjoyed globally. People from all walks of life, with engaging story ideas, are provided with digital equipment and a professional "helping hand," enabling them to create their own short digital films. Participants acquire confidence in handling cell phones, digital cameras and computers, while having fun learning the skills to visually tell their stories and portray their communities. Te PAH Nation is an interactive, online community which will allow the sharing of the new media created in the festivals to advance dialogue and understanding worldwide. Te word is spreading, from person to person, community to community, across borders and beyond. Our stories are being told, and shared, and appreciated. Tis is the PAH Nation. We welcome you.
The philosophy
Ongoing advances in digital technology promise to swing open the storytelling doors to all who step through. But many are afraid, or simply lack the skills to take that step. Even though we are surrounded by technology, many of us are still uncomfortable making full use of what this new media has to offer. Others could be left behind due to economic factors. Te PAH Nation (Project Accessible Hollywood) seeks to educate people and communities on using simple digital media while encouraging them to express themselves artistically. Some of the best stories have been shared around a campfire. Today, technology has helped bring people from across town to across the oceans, to sit at the same virtual campfire. PAH will protect the spirit of storytelling, while bringing it into the 21st century.

Submit your short film by Tuesday, Oct. 4 at 9:00
Project Accessible Hollywood — Georgia 2022.
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